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Riyad Bank was established in 1957 and today is one of the largest banks in Saudi Arabia. It has 2,542 ATMS across the country and 304 branches. This includes 64 branches specifically for women. Conventional and Islamic banking services are available for personal, business and corporate customers. International banking services and treasury services are also available. The range of products that it offers includes current accounts, savings accounts, time deposits, credit cards, loans, mortgages, and premium banking facilities.

Their head office address is: P.O. Box 22622, Riyadh, 11416, Saudi Arabia

They can be contacted by telephone: 966 1 401 3030

Source: http://www.riyadbank.com/

Company Account Name Currency Update APY Savings Account Details
Riyad Bank Savings AccountSARAug, 20141.50% The interest rates below are in the Saudi Riyal currency and are available to local Saudis as well as expatriates.Balance                                             Interest RateFrom 0 to SR 1499                                  0%Greater then SR 1499 to SR 25,000           1%Greater then SR 25,000                            1.5%